Own Smtp Server

 Own SMTP Server is a SMTP server for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your system. It's very simple but very useful you can use it instead of ISP's SMTP server to increase your security and privacy. OwnSMTP Server supports all email programs lthe email program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way by using "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Own SMTP Server is very fast, while sending, it establishes dozens of SMTP connections, and gets the most out of your Internet connection. The web interface of the program is very easy and a work in progress. The program is freeware forever so you can download it and try it if you desire!

Feature List

  •  Service mode   OwnSmtp can be run as a Windows Service, or as a simple console application. When running as a console, it can interact with the Windows desktop if you are using Windows XP and higher.
  • Compliant  Full support for RFC821/2821 transmission format, including ESMTP
  • Support for Authenticated SMTP using LOGIN, PLAIN and CRAM-MD5 authenticators(still testing)
  • Relaying Prevention and Protection
  • Realtime blacklisting  block known spam or bot SMTP clients in real-time automatically using "spam blacklist" services (RBLs)
  • You can choose to restrict the size of messages the server will accept on incoming mail.
  • Block Filter allow mail to be refused from certain domains or addresses
  • Connection restrictions allow connections to be refused from certain addresses or address ranges.    
  • Logging capability and session logging with Debug, Info, Warn and Error categories between the server and the connected client.
  • OwnSmtp can listen on any port you choose (handy for working behind firewalls or with proxy servers).    
  • Choose either a relaying SMTP  or full end-to-end delivery. Relayed SMTP is especially useful behind firewalls, or when you have an intermittent Internet connection.
  • Full session logging, allows you to see problems and other useful information
  • Threaded for both delivery and accepting mail- OWNSMTP can have up to 100+ simultaneous events going on at the same time.
  • Update Checking it can update and restart itself automatically (as a service) or shut-down manually and update itself (can be turned off)
  • Queue Mailer will attempt to send mail that failed.
  • Web Interface for Configuration and Management
  • Ability to backup database (rudimentary)
  • SQLite Database stores email and other data (can save eml files locallyif you wish)


Version History

  • 2.0.5618.37191 Initial beta release.
  • 2.0.5632.15434 Stable
    Updated the Queue logic for better handling of unsent email, Update version checking algorithm and corrected several other bug fixes with large zipfile updates, Change the way Zipfiles are handled. Created a rudimentary backup page (incomplete). Other minor updated and fixes.
  • 2.0.5641.31552 Minor fixes - corrected the backup and fine tuned the setup and maintenance sections. Few bug fixes and updates to code.

Download OwnSMTP Server

How to Use

The instructions for using this app is pretty simple. If you just want to run as a simple console app just run it with the "-d"in the commandline

To install it as a service use the "-i" or "-u" to uninstall it. (Must me in UAC or run as Administrator to do this).

"-h" brings up the help information

Own-SMTP v2.0.5618.37191
 -h             Show command line switch help
 -i             Install Service
 -u             Uninstall Service
 -d             Debug/Console Mode

Default port for webaccess is "http://localhost:2500" and SMTP port 25 these can be changed.

Why did I make this since there are somany other out there
Well because I could never find a decent simple completely free SMTP server for windows (strange enough there are tons for Linux)
Its currently being used to send all techs in a government department alerts from their monitoring server. Sending approximately 100 to 1000+ emails a day.

Written all in C# using Nancy API for the web interface and Rnwood.SmtpServer as the core modules ... all other coding was basically all me.
NET 4.0 required.

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