Sensual dance between Model and Photographer

Photographer and Model Dance

A large majority of modeling is the portrayal of sensuality, no matter how you look at it. It does not matter if you are a male or female model portraying sexual expression in some form. This is not a bad thing, really, think about it. Have you really seen any advertisement geared toward adults that does not include some kind of sensual element? Don't you say wow that is hot... Then you look at the product advertisement? Like Beyonce is almost nude on her album cover "all in taste". It helped you buy her CD did it not?

Being a model is more than physical appearance... It is an attitude, emotion, passion, and sensual expression.

Some "models" think looking good is all they have to do. They wait for the photographer to tell them systematically what to do. There is a point where a "Professional" model should know how to move, instead of standing in front of me with no ideas of his/her own. Do not get me wrong, I have no problem trying to show a model my vision, but it is also a collaboration between us.

It is not fun if you have to tell a model everything like a drill sergeant..."move your leg over here, twist this way, grab that, push this in, stick this out, tighten this..." When I spend all my time telling you what to do, I do not get to concentrate on what I am doing. Good modeling is about the chemistry between the photographer and model, having a good connection is the only way to work together.

Some of us yearn for the day when they can work with a model who understands angles, light, shadow, proportion and how they can use those things to inspire us.

I have found a few, but there are those out there that believe that because they have a pretty face, they can do it. Then I show them someone who is not a model, but inspired me. We had a 3 hour scheduled shoot that lasted almost 8 hours. We were inspired and the energy was wonderful. The work we produced was beyond wow.

The bottom line is this:
If you want to work with me, do not look for the Plain Mary Jane session, give me sensuality, passion and attitude and I will give something that will make you go “WOW is that me?”