Response to Alonzo Black Defamatory Cease and Desist Letter

On June 2, I received a letter from a lawyer that represents Alonzo Black aka "ZOBE" and other subsidiaries. I cannot post the letter since it is copyrighted content, but I can talk about what this is all about. Mr Alonzo Black recently join a local Facebook group called "Model Mayhem DMV" he posted a link in that group before reading the rules about posting.

ANYTHING is up for debate and we regularly ask questions about a casting, topic, link or image... This is what we do. Well, after asking him a question in the group about the casting and more information about the agency representation that he promoting, instead of answering the question he deleted all casting/postings and left the group that alone was his silence was damaging who does that without defending their so called GREAT reputation???????. So I made a comment calling his magazine and website "subpar" my comments may have been harsh, but was very accurate and not defamatory, I should have said that the site and magazine were not up to industry standards and his offers for casting models to agencies was at best me VERY questionable.

Part of the letter in bold:
"copyrighted information removed" CHARACTER AND REPUTATION"

Now here are my thoughts on the matter. What is slander, last time I checked it meant untrue statements. That would mean I lied, why would be the point of lying the context of his site and magazine are blindly evident. I just happen to be very verbal when I see this kind of thing.
Let's get on defamatory that means to defame someones name and reputation. I ask to whom and what reputation. I hear a lot about his terrible practice of forcing models to sell tickets just to be in a show. Emorej Couture - Fashion Specialist, talked about this over a year ago "

" data-rokbox="">HERE IS THE VIDEO".
Let's talk about the libel part of this letter... Its the written or broadcast form of defamation, distinguished from slander, which is oral defamation.
Well, here we go again the one thing that is a war drum mantra DID I LIE??! The burden lies on him to prove my statement to be untrue. So unless he does a DRASTIC overhaul of his site and magazine my comments will never change. He rather waste time trying to sue me for telling the truth,  some people are way too emotionally tied to their company and need to step back and reevaluate how others look at them and make the needed changes so that they can actually do better and not fall for "false praise because it does more harm than good"

Here are some comments from others .. Note that they did not get a C&D order from Alonzo Black... but I guess I must be the big fish. Trust me, no one had 1 thing good to say about any experience with AB (to my knowledge)

A sample of responses from others
Shon ####### 12:25pm May 28
Honestly, sometimes I feel like people who get scammed, get what they deserve. If anyone looks at that website and that "magazine" and thinks that that shit looks good and that it's going to be legit, then there is nothing that I can do for them or say to them. Lost. Cause.

 Steve ###### 10:31am May 28
Interesting they took a link from the NYFW International Fashion Couture I’m definitely sure Elaine the promo manager would be very disappointed to be referenced on the site

Alyssa ###### 8:42am May 28
He tried to get at me for makeup and I told him I would charge him.. no comment and he still pushes events at me lol

Mariah ###### 2:22am May 31
He poked me months ago. Couldn't get any straight answers from him. His "agency" uses a site models and other talent have to pay for to get the same castings you can get on free sites. #endofstory.
Ellen  ##### 3:02pm May 29
wtf that Guy just poked me and he not on my friends list, Idk him.

Alex ####sa 7:56pm Jun 2
I see where Phil is coming from because you have one great model who gets sucked into a magazine like his, she goes through a bad experience and then she won't trust a great photographer because one screwed her over and made her pics look like 3rd rate

Kia #####
He tried to get me! He spoke of a good proposal, though! Fooled the hell out of me. Sad but true.

At the end of the day all I have to say is why should anyone not speak their mind? Just because you don't like it is that a reason to sue someone? Did my words have have a the ring of truth? Should I forever more silence myself just because someone threatens to sue me? That is RIDICULOUS but to tell you the truth, he will always get gullible models so why should I care. Honestly, this is taking too much of my time and I have other crap to do. So after this blog post and writing up some glorified response to his legal letter I will step down from my soap box. If what I submitted to his lawyer is not to their satisfaction, then I guess I will be in court with screenshots and character witness, again a total waste of time just to prove what a blind man can see.