Photographers,don't get caught up with nice comments

Nice Comments and Likes

Everyone wants to grow in their photography and get positive and nice criticism, calling yourself a professional insinuates some level of expertise. If you hire someone in any profession and they call themselves a professional you would expect they know what they are doing. In most fields you are a novice/amateur for a time then semi professional to professional to seasoned professional there is nothing wrong with that logic its a natural progression.

 The problem with photographers today is that they get caught up in all the nice comments about their work its like "American Idol Syndrome". They keep giving away sessions for free just to get the lovely feedback on how great they are. So then you assume you are agreat photographer when the people you photograph are telling you your work is great while they are handing you money. Sadly not every artist is business minded, and sometimes it’s real hard to ask for payment for something that you feel comes naturally to you like the ability to take a good photograph, after all it’s just a matter of pressing a button right?? WRONG... Most of us have spent $$$ on equipment and training to keep us step ahead of the game, and we all have bill’s to pay and some like myself have a family to feed, and that’s my reason I strive to learn more about photography and also the reason I charge for my services. Everyone will take free stuff from you without caring if you can pay your bill’s and feed your family that month, you can always give back when your earning enough to live for yourself.