Why do I Watermark

Jimmi Eyes with and without watermark

I watermark to market myself, it's all about the image, not about how nice my watermark looks. What I have seen is that new photographers seem way too concerned about someone stealing their work, and because of that use big/bigger watermarks in an attempt to deter the practice.


Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Cracked

Photoshop  CC Pirated in One Day

Well, I must have been sleeping cause I just found out that Adobe CC was hacked/cracked just under 24 hours after they officially launched. Honestly, I was expecting it to happen, but NEVER so quickly. According to tech site PetaPixel, a torrent titled “Adobe Photoshop CC 14.0 Final Multilanguage” was uploaded by someone named Ching Liu. According to comments left by some Pirate Bay users, the software appears to be the real deal.


Instagram New Policy 'SO WHAT'

No more Instagram

SO WHAT... It does go both ways I think some people forget that instagram is a business, and backed by Facebook, the reality is we are using this site for free advertisement and some of you got clients because of something you posted on their site but do anyone of you ever pay them a dime?arrangements for a bigger copy.


Sensual dance between Model and Photographer

Photographer and Model Dance

A large majority of modeling is the portrayal of sensuality, no matter how you look at it. It does not matter if you are a male or female model portraying sexual expression in some form. This is not a bad thing, really, think about it. Have you really seen any advertisement geared toward adults that does not include some kind of sensual element? Don't you say wow that is hot... Then you look at the product advertisement? Like Beyonce is almost nude on her album cover "all in taste". It helped you buy her CD did it not?


Golfcart Portable Light Stand

Golfcart Lightstand

Quite a few photographers inquired about my "Portable golf cart lightstand", the first time I saw this was used by Erwin Simbulan a local photographer and he sent me a link to "Peter Nguyen" who I believe was the first person to make one. So I started on a mission to find one, both on Craiglist and Ebay to find a cart and BINGO I happened to find one for $30 basically brand new on Craigslist. The carts brand new can run way over $100 bucks a piece.


Pancakeapp - Simple invoicing for photographers

PancakeApp Stack
In the past I struggled with a way to write invoices and proposals to potential clients that contact me for services. This went on for years until I found out about pancakeappThis simple application gives you the ability to create a proposal for my clients that looks clean and professional, what I like about this invoicing application is that it lives on your server and can be made to keep with your brands look and best of all there are no monthly fees. Simple project management you can track projects, assign tasks with hourly rates, log the time you spent and when you are all done, click a button and Pancake will create an invoice with those tasks (and hourly rates) as line items. Offer files on a payment I love this feature I can do edits for a client and they can download it after they made a payment on the invoice.


Response to Alonzo Black Defamatory Cease and Desist Letter

On June 2, I received a letter from a lawyer that represents Alonzo Black aka "ZOBE" and other subsidiaries. I cannot post the letter since it is copyrighted content, but I can talk about what this is all about. Mr Alonzo Black recently join a local Facebook group called "Model Mayhem DMV" he posted a link in that group before reading the rules about posting.