One Light Beauty Shoot with Sinota Odu

Take a peek behind the scene of a one light beauty photoshoot with just a BD (beauty dish) and a reflector set-up in the studio.

Redirect Tumblr to a New domain

Tumblr we have moved

So, you need to redirect your tumblr to a new domain or website? Migrating can be a PITA. I did it for STOPSTEALINGPHOTOS.COM when they wanted to move to WordPress.  After doing some research I knew it could be done, but I could not find any examples on how to redirect to the new domain correctly and it goes to the right links and everyone, including Google links to the old domain.


PPS Vegas Background Slideshow Module for Joomla

PPSVegas Joomla Module

This is a Joomla module based on the Vegas jQuery plugin, its a very simple script that displays a full screen background slideshow based on the images you have in your article assigned to "Fullscreen images"

Look at all the features!


Export to ZenPhoto from Lightroom

Zenphoto Plublisher logo

This is a Lightroom publishing service plugin, that gives you the ability to manage your Zenphoto website. You will be able to sync and update your image through a farmilar interface.


Retouching of Wakas Noor with Frequency Separation

This is an edit using Frequency Separation, in this demonstration I took the time and adjusted his nose and lips trying out Puppet Warp in Photoshop CS5+ the subject's face is noticeably asymmetry, so I adjusted the nose and mouth of his face too look more symmetrical. This was done as a "proof of concept" using the available tools in Photoshop.

My camera is my PaintBrush the World my Canvas

My Artistic work is asexual... I don’t care if you are male, female or an inanimate subject. I strive to capture anything I shoot in a way that is appealing...if a photographer is incapable of doing that then how can they say “I am an artist”? I don’t see my Camera as just a tool I see it as my paint brush and the world of light and shadow my canvas.

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