Las Vegas Photographers Brett & Jizelle Photo Thievery and Defamation Lawsuit


I've been following the escapades of Brett and Jizelle online ever since photostealers  outed them. They posted the regular excuse about... "my assistant, my intern, my team did it" its a classic way of not admitting to their faults. Sometimes this kind of thing is expected, but it's always funny to hear a new twist to an old lie, It seems easy to past the buck and blame someone else for photos placed on their own website, Facebook, twitter, craigslist, and Groupon and the list goes on. Sometimes I really wonder if they think we drink from the same lemonade stand. No one can run a photography business and not once look at their own site and say "Hmmm, I don't remember taking that image" smh.  Brett Baughman is a pathetic person and a so called life coach that teaches others to, to lie and steal...WHAT?? Come on, what a role model.

Now he attempts to silence other photographers that try to expose his thievery via threat of Defamation lawsuit of "Steven Joseph" a Photographer in Las Vegas got a ltter about his post he made when he first learned that Brett Baughman from the same city is a photo thief.

Now I created this blog knowing full well that "William M. Whitman" a lawyer from PA may send me a CEASE & DESIST letter also, but guess what telling the truth is, not libel or defamation so I have the law on my side. Thanks to Corey Doyle Balazowich of "Photo Stealers" doing her tireless and sometimes stressful job of outing these "fauxtographers on her site (for little or no compensation).

Some of you may wonder why do we care about making a stand on this problem, simple we have ethical standards. You have to think about it... what kind of person takes something someone took their time, experience and knowledge to create and put their own watermark on it how can you in good conscious do that and claim that you are a photographer that revolutionized "headshots" in Hollywood. 

"In order for you to look like a Rockstar… you have to be shot by one! Get ready for the best shoot of your career!" ~brettandjizellephotography

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