Instagram New Policy 'SO WHAT'

No more Instagram

SO WHAT... It does go both ways I think some people forget that instagram is a business, and backed by Facebook, the reality is we are using this site for free advertisement and some of you got clients because of something you posted on their site but do anyone of you ever pay them a dime?arrangements for a bigger copy.

So why are you so shocked when they try to make back some revenue? Hell Facebook spent almost $1 BILLION to buy instagram and said it would let the photo site do its own thing well now it appears Facebook is trying to monetize on its investment. Some of the images I post on instagram are small and low-resolution anyway, nothing anyone can use so I doubt they would be able to do anything with them nothing relevant anyway, the best thing for them to do is contact me and make.

I don't see why anyone is pissed off, you were getting by using their service for FREE. If you don't like the NEW TERMS then delete your account and move to a different service. Easy, right? I mean its their service you accepted their TOS so what do you expect? Even with the recent changes if you don't like it move on. I am very sure if most of us drop the service they will see the light of their stupidity. End of the day ITS FREE, no one put a gun to your head to sign up or to post images and you checked the box that says "TERMS and CONDITIONS" did you read it?

One of the fundamental problems with the people who run Facebook is they think it is ethically moral to violate your privacy. They said "It Is Not Our Intention to Sell Your Photos", Then you have to ask yourself why they saw the need to add this as an option anyway? Its all LIES, If no one said anything you damn well know they would have done this to generate additional revenue.

Someone created a petition to have Instagram go back to the old TOS ""

Remember the minute you put ANYTHING on the Internet its public, period. If you don't want it "stolen" then guess what don't upload it.