Golfcart Portable Light Stand

Golfcart Lightstand

Quite a few photographers inquired about my "Portable golf cart lightstand", the first time I saw this was used by Erwin Simbulan a local photographer and he sent me a link to "Peter Nguyen" who I believe was the first person to make one. So I started on a mission to find one, both on Craiglist and Ebay to find a cart and BINGO I happened to find one for $30 basically brand new on Craigslist. The carts brand new can run way over $100 bucks a piece.

I have the "Bag Boy Express" I prefer this model because of the design and how the frame tapers, which allows for a nice place to put the Avenger grip and is located in a pretty balanced  area. I drilled a hole thru cart frame dead center where it tapers on the frame so I could get the bolt through it.
I used a drill bit slightly smaller than the bolt that way it was snug and gave me the ability to screw it in. Sometimes I use the cart to carry other stuff like my camera bag, drinks, etc. You can also attach another lightstand or pole to the DB200 for adding lighting (check out the video for illustration)

A list of the parts you need.

  • Avenger Products (to attach to the cart for the strobe/flash)
  • BagBoy Golfcart (tapered frame preferred) 
  • Speedlight or Strobe
  • Vagabond II battery pack or sandbag (this will stabilize the cart when needed)
  • Drill and a drill bit about 4mm or 3/16 (if memory serves)
  • Vagabond battery pack (I have the older, heavier one)

The cart I have has high strength adjustable aluminum tubing and easy rolling pneumatic tires most of the others I've seen have hard plastic wheels that is not great on uneven surfaces. The one I have also has brakes (this helps a lot on inclines) and all the wheels are easily removed for better compact storage. I do have a smaller cart for my Speedlights but I hardly ever use that one. The golf cart is designed to carry heavy golf bags so it really keeps everything very stable and positioning the lighting over the wheels promotes a good balance but a counter weight does help. Everything I need when going on location goes on the cart, no need to carry anything extra.