Own Smtp Server

 Own SMTP Server is a SMTP server for Windows that lets you send email messages directly from your system. It's very simple but very useful you can use it instead of ISP's SMTP server to increase your security and privacy. OwnSMTP Server supports all email programs lthe email program you already use for sending and receiving messages can be connected to the server in a very easy way by using "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Own SMTP Server is very fast, while sending, it establishes dozens of SMTP connections, and gets the most out of your Internet connection. The web interface of the program is very easy and a work in progress. The program is freeware forever so you can download it and try it if you desire!


Las Vegas Photographers Brett & Jizelle Photo Thievery and Defamation Lawsuit


I've been following the escapades of Brett and Jizelle online ever since photostealers  outed them. They posted the regular excuse about... "my assistant, my intern, my team did it" its a classic way of not admitting to their faults. Sometimes this kind of thing is expected, but it's always funny to hear a new twist to an old lie, It seems easy to past the buck and blame someone else for photos placed on their own website, Facebook, twitter, craigslist, and Groupon and the list goes on. Sometimes I really wonder if they think we drink from the same lemonade stand. No one can run a photography business and not once look at their own site and say "Hmmm, I don't remember taking that image" smh.  Brett Baughman is a pathetic person and a so called life coach that teaches others to, to lie and steal...WHAT?? Come on, what a role model.


BTS of the Fiery Body Paint Shoot

Model/Actress Belleza Courtt & body painter Michelle Heffner..

The Artist transformed the model into a story of color and fantasy! This was her concept I was just along for the ride :)

It took over 8 hours to complete the piece, she was painted her from head to toe.
This was a wonderful and painstaking experience for all involved, it was a team effort ,Model,MUA, me and photographers that join the afterwards in the end ART was created.

Bodypainting is an art form and unlike tattoos, body painting is temporary where as paint is applied on the body and can last for only several hours. Large scale or full-body painting like this is very time consuming and tedious but the outcome is always worth it.

Caprea Wingate Behind the Scenes Photoshoot (WFT-5A)

Sometimes its nice to see the entire process. There is no magic in photographer its all about technique, experience, knowledge and practice.  I recently purchaced a WTF-5A for my 7D and was testing its wireless ablitys in the studio... its a service that we offer our clients. The ablity to see the work we create live.

WFT-5A was attached in adhoc configuration.

Should You Post Your Prices on Your Websites

The pricing is a satire , please do NOT use this example on your website... NEVER give away RAW files

It’s becoming a common question. Should I post my prices on my website? Photographers struggle with this question as much as they are deciding how MUCH they should charge for their work, it’s a critical decision. Make the wrong decision here, and you could cost yourself a lot of business. Thing is potential customers love bargain shopping and they will look at the prices on your site and never call you. A potential client calling you and asking questions about your pricing and your work is a much better option.


Photographers,don't get caught up with nice comments

Nice Comments and Likes

Everyone wants to grow in their photography and get positive and nice criticism, calling yourself a professional insinuates some level of expertise. If you hire someone in any profession and they call themselves a professional you would expect they know what they are doing. In most fields you are a novice/amateur for a time then semi professional to professional to seasoned professional there is nothing wrong with that logic its a natural progression.


Lighting Diagram - One Light Portrait

Create dramtic looks with One Light

All you need is one light too create wonderful images, I will be posting more intuitive lighting diagrams that will cover a variety looks for both the technical and organic ways of capturing light. This is what I call combination lighting using the sun as the kicker or back light. This is an good example of 3:1 ratio, natural sunlight was metered at f11 so I metered the flash to the model at 7.1 to capture this portrait.

I used a "Sekonic L-358"