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Thank you for taking the time to find out about me... or just to find out what makes me tick. I was introduced to photography from my dad back in the 1980's but never really got into it until I started a family. My first  camera was a simple "Canon Point and Shoot" enough to capture every moment of my kids as they were growing up, and I did. During this time I developed, and noticed that I loved taking pictures and others recognized my ability behind the camera and how my work told a story.

I just love the art of light and shadow and learning how creative I have become. My interest peaked during a workshop in Florida, where I took a Photography Seminar I just thought it would be a nice touch to advance my skills. After that seminar I was inspired to invest in equipment and practice more... I became a shutterbug while at the same time looking for more classes and seminars.

In 2004 I meet Marjo Aho a famous Finland photographer, she saw my spark and fire and decided to tutored me for almost two years. I also had the opportunity to network with other like minded individuals also, clothing designers, dancers, models, etc.

Sometime in July 2006 I decided to make a push to start my photography business that materialized into "Philbert Photos" and later rebranded into "Philbert Photography" in 2011. I love studio photography and prefer out of the box creative concepts that use both natural light and studio lighting to create an artistic conceptual image, that is my specialty. I do enjoy sharing my knowledge that I gained over the years with others through workshops and personal training.

Also worked with the Roses and Champagne Model Agency for over fifteen years, this experience introduced me to the world of fashion and gave me the insight into style and creativity of fashion, this helped me capture the beauty and style you now see in my work.

I am based in the Virgin Islands but travel all over the world, I do work in many areas of photography including glamour, advertising, commercial, sports, fashion, weddings and magazine publications.


Writings & Reviews: (selected)

  • Essere Magazine issue #1 and #2



Moca Gallery, Washington DC


”If photography is the passion of your life. There is nothing can stop you from doing it.”

“what you create is a reflection of what you perceive and how you make use of what you perceive.”


"My Art is the Reflection of your Soul."